What I'm Reading: Daily Bread, Deer, Dancing, Digging and Desiring {She Reads Books}

1) 1 Kings / 1 Chronicles / Psalms

WHO'S IT FOR? Everyone breathing who wants to live fully alive.

The Word of Life... 'nough said. You want to be alive? Read it and let it read you. 

The three books are in the actual Bible but this book, Read the Bible for Life includes a chronological reading plan (which is eye opening and life changing) and this book has chapters that give an overview of how to read the different books and genres in God's Word. 

I started this reading plan back in May and it's been life-changing. I've never read the Bible in chronological order before!

2) Hinds Feet on High Places

WHO'S IT FOR? If you've ever battled fear, you like stories and want to know is to be expected along the path of a marathon with God

An oldie but a BESTIE! An allegory of the Christian life as a young girl, Much Afraid must journey with her assigned companions, Sorrow and Suffering. Along the way, she is continually attacked by her enemies — Pride, Craven Fear, Self-Pity, Bitterness and Resentment. It's beautifully written and you will find many parallels between her journey and yours as the journey is tough, and winding, and you'll be encouraged when you find yourself on your own!

3) Dance Stand Run

WHO'S IT FOR? The woman who has realized in Christ there is no condemnation, but sin has consequences ... and she wants to live in a way that reflects her God

A timely book by Jess Connolly tackling the questions, have we forgot about the holiness of God in light of the grace of Jesus?

"What I want you to hear most is this: If we could see the fullness of our sin and the depth of His grace, we’d dance. If we knew our true identity as holy daughters of God, made right with Him and called to stay set apart for His glory and our abundance, we’d stand firm. And if we fully grasped both of these things, you wouldn’t be able to stop the women of God from running on mission."

4) Freedom Session

WHO'S IT FOR? Everyone who is okay with taking a knee so in 28 weeks you can walk

It's my second time through this life-changing healing journey. I've know my whole life what was available for me in Jesus Christ but often felt like I didn't know how to access it. Freedom Session helps you survey the land, and clear the debris before building. 

It's the combination of the content and the community you experience it in. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who's experienced pain in their lives... so basically, if you breathe, there's something in you Jesus can heal.

5) Longing for Home

:Tracing the Path of God's Story to Find the One your heart was made for

WHO'S IT FOR? Anyone who wants to see what God and the Bible is really about, or anyone who's read it but never been able to see the big picture

Written by me dear friend Susan Booth, this book/Bible study is an overview of the whole Bible in 12 chapters tracing the theme of home throughout Scripture.

If you've ever wondered what the Bible is all about, or you've read bits and pieces of it, but never put the whole story together, you will love this book. It is theologically RICH, mostly actual Scripture, and still so accessible. I've had so many aha moments of God opening my heart to understanding as I've seen the BIG picture laid out before me.

If you want to check out what I've been writing, sign up for my current online bite-size Bible study Cultivate: Preparing Our Hearts for Him {A 40-Day Journey through the Parable of the Sower}There's room for you at the table. You are invited!

What are you reading these days?

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