Summer, Sustainer & A Super Story {Friday Faves}

Happy Friday Friends!

Four things I wanted to share with you on this long weekend Friday: 

1. One of life's little joy's is when something that was already on your Costco list is on sale! Imagine my delight when Lifeway Women announced this week that they are offering the Bible study videos for Entrusted for FREE.

I hit pause on my progress (and purchasing the videos online one by one) and am now awaiting the June 15 launch! This study is all about learning to guard what God has entrusted to you as a believer: the gospel. The videos will be available through the Lifeway Women blog. You need to purchase the Entrusted workbook but the videos will be available online for FREE until August 15. Sign up to join the Entrusted study HERE for free.  Perhaps we can even do it online together!

2. Another bit of beautiful coffee for my heart from Holly Gerth connected with my heart. She speaks my language and this week was a timely reminder about my Sustainer:

"True confession: My stressed-out self went not to the cross but to the kitchen... “Sustain” means “strengthen and support” and I’m learning, slowly, to lean on Jesus instead of flimsy earth things that can never hold my weight. These are not “bad,” it’s simply that we sometimes ask far more of them than they are able to give. A cupcake can’t heal my heart. Another episode can’t give me peace. They have their place; they can contribute. We need not feel guilty for enjoying them. But they are only nice supplements and not true sustenance."

(Holly Gerth, What Works Best for Stress)

I'm not sure how she knew about the missing half of the bag of chocolate covered peanuts hiding in my cupboard, but I too sometimes reach for the sugar instead of my Saviour. But the Holy Spirit has been faithful to remind me of Jesus' invitation: Come to ME all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Nothing else provides true rest for my soul it. Not even chocolate covered peanuts. 

3. Check out this post from Get Into the Word on a simple blueprint for prayer: HE, ME & WE.

4. And lastly, the month of May is Pray for the Harvest in the CNBC (the network of churches my church is part of) where we are praying for people in our families, workplaces and neighborhoods who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I had the awesome privilege of sharing a story of a new sister in Christ, Jennie. See the video below! 

I hope something from my Friday faves blesses your soul and helps fix your eyes on Jesus!

Only by grace,