Event/Session Ideas

My favourite thing to do is open the Word and dive deeply into it and be awakened to who God is, aware of who we are, and realize how we are made alive in and through Christ.

Below is a list of topics I've taught on at past speaking engagements. Anything that says (RETREAT) was originally done as a multi-session retreat. Everything else was a single speaking session. 

Free to Love (1 John 4:10-12) (RETREAT)

The truth that God loves you is likely not news to you. We've all heard it many times but do we live in the fullness of God's love continually? Or are you left wondering if you're missing out on abundant life? Our struggle whether inward or outward, to love difficult people around us in our family, neighbourhood or ministry reveals that we may be disconnected from how we are loved by God. Together, we will unpack how experiencing God's love (and like) for you, fuels and free you to love those He's placed around you.

The Rhythmn of Rest: Living From It Rather Than Striving For It

Our minds, hearts, schedules, homes and ministries are full. We are prone to distraction more than ever before. If you're exhausted from trying to do "everything" rather than simply "every thing" God has called you to do, come and breathe. Lay down the good for the best. Find a rhythm of rest in your life so you do not miss the one things needed, or better yet, the One person needed.

Connecting WITH Christ (1 Peter 3:15)

Don’t feel like a gifted evangelist? Pull up a seat. Stephanie grew up in a home of a gifted evangelist and the stories of people being saved in Tim Horton’s would leave her feeling inspired to share the gospel yet she always felt ill-equipped. We often focus our attention on “being prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have” while glazing over the preceding command: “In your heart, set apart Christ as Lord.”

Learn how being with Jesus is the foundation for making connections in the community to share Him. Hear stories and receive practical ways to connect with Him, and practical prayers that will help your eyes and ears stay tuned to what He is already doing around you.

Making "Little" Disciples: Finding Meaningful Moments in the Mundane

Motherhood is full of meaningful moments which can sometimes feel suffocated by the mass of seemingly mundane tasks. Take the everyday— the ordinary moments, the mom “fails”, the amazing, and the mess— and see how God works through them to spiritually nurture and provide godly training. And of course, leave with practical strategies in hand.

Unstuck: Moving from Maintenance to Mission

Are you feeling stuck? Or is your small group or ministry stuck? Without a clear mission, the default is maintenance. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to so much more. Come and see how Jesus moved His disciples from hungry people who simply wanted food for themselves, to those who were willing and able to be used to feed a multitude. Let Jesus move you or your ministry from maintenance to your part of His glorious mission.


  • Home for Christmas

  • Simply Joy (Evangelistic Christmas)


  • From Surviving to Thriving: Finding the Speed Limit of Your Soul

  • Uncovering Your Calling (RETREAT)

  • She Walked with Jesus: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith for the Next Generation (The Call, The Criteria, The Curriculum & The Necessary Connections) (Titus 2:1-5) (RETREAT)

  • Daring to Love Different (RETREAT)

  • Overflowing: Women Who Influence Eternity (1 or 2 sessions) 


  • Cultivating a Heart of Good Soil (Matthew 13:1-23) (RETREAT)

  • Unfading Beauty (1 Peter 3:3-4)

  • With Jesus: How a Doer Learned to Be (Acts 4:13)

  • Learning to Wait Well (Acts 1:1-26)

  • From Groans to Glory: Living Alive Through the Pain of this Life (Romans 8:18-30) (RETREAT)

  • Divine Design: God's Blueprint for Living (Romans 12:1-2) 

  • The Secret Place: Provision in His Presence (Psalm 63)