Do you know how to love your man well?

It’s embarrassingly easy to point the finger in marriage and come up with a long list of ways your spouse isn’t meeting your expectations or measuring up. But have you ever flipped the question and asked yourself and God, Am I loving well? Am I loving like Christ has loved me?

I'll keep this one review short: BUY this book if you want to influence your marriage God's way.

This book is written by a man for women. Two words: inside scoop. 

Inside these pages you can learn to love your man well the way He was wired to be loved and watch and see what God does. As you know, trying to change another doesn't work. But, the changes you allow God to make in your own heart will overflow and influence the relationships closest to you.

As the safety and respect grow in marriage, you create the atmosphere where the Holy Spirit will change hearts — yours and his.

God has worked miracles in my marriage. Neither one of us are the same as we were 5 or 10 years ago, nor are we the same. God has transformed us and He isn't finished yet.

When we cracked open this book, my friend said, "I feel like he's telling me what you've been telling me for the past few years."

It's not because I'm right. It's because God's way for marriage works. His way is life.

I'm praying He does His mighty work in yours too so your marriage is a picture of the great gospel of Jesus Christ! If you read one marriage book this year friends, Loving Him Well by Gary Thomas. 

And in case you're wondering, why should I have to be the one to invest in our marriage? My friend, I understand. And I say, because you're the one who has a desire for things to change!

You, your husband and your marriage will not be sorry.