Answering the Call Part 5: they Said Yes

How did we get here?

My mom and I were on the plane to Abbotsford both grateful for another opportunity to serve God by serving His people. We were also both not entirely sure how to answer that question. We pondered and then my mom went first.

She told me when she was a new believer in the 80’s, the church she was part of was hosting Vacation Bible School. Someone asked if she would lead a Bible study for the moms who were dropping their kids off. She said yes. It was the first of many yeses, followed by many more over many years. 

Many yeses to God over many years eventually equals a surrendered life.

I wrestled with how to wrap this thing up. Conclusions and closing sessions have never been my strong suit. I wanted to tell you how God moved powerfully that weekend in Abbotsford, how what I repented of that weekend made some more room for Him, and connections He made with likeminded leaders and the prophetic word God spoke over thousands of women in Abbotsford. But, I would break the blogging rules of brevity.

Instead, I want to leave you thinking about Someone. I want you to want Him and as a result, experience the adventure He has for you and to take with Him. I want you to worship the only One who has written every adventure.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.38.06 PM.png

What if surrender is more about getting to know Someone than it is about getting somewhere? 

When we stress about how to get to the "somewhere," perhaps we miss the simple invitation to get to know Someone. Intimacy with God is greater than any opportunity He could bring your way. 

I want to leave you a vision of what surrender— a string of yeses could look like. Years ago my dad’s spoke these words that inspired me to want to know God more:

Following God has been the greatest adventure of my life. 

Along my own adventure with God, I’ve realized intimacy with God is greater than doing anything for Him. Every open door is another opportunity fulfill your calling to make disciples as you love Him and love His people.

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Every adventure starts somewhere. It’s never too late to say yes to Jesus. Eternity is at stake. Intimacy with Him is at stake. And, when we get to glory, I want Jesus whisper to the Father, see those girls over there? They said yes. 

What is your next yes?