With Perfect Clarity

I was in the front seat as we drove through the most intense rainstorm I have ever experienced. The storm raged all around and the water was over the height of the van. We forged ahead in fear that if we were to stop we would be swallowed. As the rain consumed the dirt road, it felt like we were being swept into a mudslide. The swerving began and it hit me that we were about to die. I started yelling, "No, God! Please be merciful! Extend our lives!" A few seconds later everything went black and it felt as though we were falling. 

Suddenly, we were stopped outside of the most vivid, vibrant, beautiful and brillant setting my eyes had ever seen. My senses were heightened to a level they had not yet experienced. It was bright without the heat of the sun. I had never seen greener grass, bluer sky or lusher trees. Birds were singing beautifully. I was taking it all in with perfect clarity. There was no noise in my head or around me.  I was utterly overwhelmed with peace. There was no fear or guilt. Only peace. I had a strong suspicion about where I was.

In front of me stood the most exquisite country home I had ever seen. It was a beautiful combination of wood and stone with an inviting front veranda. The front door was open and walking towards me was my dad– strong, healthy, full of life, and his trademark smile brighter than I had ever seen. He was dressed in his favorite plaid shirt and jeans. A man stood to his left but didn't interrupt our greeting. 

He smiled and hugged me and told me how much he missed me but that he hadn't been waiting long.

I suddently pulled back and told him, "I can't be here yet."

"Why not?" he asked.

"So many people still don't know. I have to go back."

He nodded with understanding. "Okay. But know you have only two years." 

We climbed back into the vehicle, and I felt both sadness and urgency. We drifted back into the mudslide and found ourselves back on the road. The overwhelming peace was a distant memory. The weight of fear and guilt returned along with the noise. The world all of a sudden felt very black and white. As I went about regular life, I longed to go back. Except for the feeling of urgency. Two years. The memory felt both distant and sharp at the same time. 

My eyes startled open. I found myself awake in my own bed. I blinked in confusion but intense clarity followed.

It had been a dream.

I nudged my husband awake. "Honey, I just had the craziest dream."

He was slowly coming to until I said, "I dreamt I visited heaven."

"What!?" His eyes bolted open and he was instantly and fully awake. 

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