The First Place to Follow Him {A Bit More About How}


It started with chopsticks and coasters then quickly expanded to include corkboard hot pads. My little man found has taken to dwumming. Any song in our house now has a little extra percussion whether by chopsticks, pens, or the little palms of his hands. He was recently upgraded to a practice pad and his own set of kid-size drumsticks by our friend Dewwick who was kind enough to also throw in some lessons. The smile on my little man's face was bigger than every Christmas morning combined.

Derrick’s teaching strategy aimed higher than simply rudiments. He started out with the goal to instill a love for music in my son. His little hands have already drummed along to jazz and rock among other things. Derrick’s reasoning is that without a glimpse of the bigger picture he will lack the motivation to learn, practice and master the rudiments. 

Too often, we approach Bible study with only a rudiment mentality. It’s necessary and you should do it. The rudiments have become primary principles instead of building blocks of music.

Of course, rudiments are necessary. A musician would never be able to play in a band without being skillful at the rudiments. But imagine trying to convince someone who has never heard music that it is necessary to spend hours mastering the rudiments.

Dutiful practice cannot inspire a love of music the way hearing a song does.

Of course we need DISCIPLINE to get going with Bible study. What begins as discipline can and will become our DESIRE. Thankfully, no matter how many times our discipline and desire falls by the wayside, we are invited back because we know HE DESIRES us.

We will never love Scripture if we do not know it. We cannot know it without the discipline of spending time in it. Without spending time in it, we will not learn to comprehend, interpret and apply it. These are basic principles, rudiments if you will and necessary.   

But how do we develop a love of Scripture?

Perhaps the same way love for music is being instilled in my son: by inviting him to hear the song

So, what is the song of Scripture?

The song of scripture is a metanarrative (as one author describes). Across 66 books, two testaments, many genres and different authors, God Himself authored one continuous story.  From Genesis to Revelation He has revealed His rule and reign through four major acts: creation, the fall, redemption and restoration. 

This is the big story we are invited into it the moment we take Jesus up on His invitation to follow Him. Our story becomes part of His story, the one He wrote before time began. Through studying Scripture, we can be swept up by the song.


I remember the first time my eyes were unveiled to the fact that what I thought were sporadic stories were actually perfectly connected dots of one big storyline. When the teacher summarized the entire Bible in less than 2 minutes, my jaw was on the floor and my mind was blown. 

I had read and studied scripture for the better part of a decade without understanding the big story. I’d heard notes, chords and instruments here and there, but I’d never heard the song

The song of Scripture provides the context to connect the notes to the music.

As you seek to faithfully follow Jesus in everyday ways, let the first place you follow Him be into His Word. As you read and study specific notes, ask the Maestro to show you how they fit into His song- the story of His rule and reign through creation, the fall, redemption and restoration.   

My little dwummer has already inspired someone coming behind him. You never know who will be affected by your passion for God’s story!