Stephanie Beaulieu Speaking Agreement 2019

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Contact Person Name *
Contact Person Name
Phone *
Type: conference, retreat, annual, awards, etc. Purpose Outreach, spiritual growth, refreshing, training, etc.
Speaker Related Expenses
Travel Expenses *
We agree to cover Stephanie's travel expenses between her home and the event: Air: Stephanie will book the most reasonable airfare (receipt will be submitted for immediate reimbursement) Airport Parking: $15/day Highway: $0.50/km (44km home to airport round trip, or roundtrip km from home to speaking destination) Lodging: private/quiet, clean and safe room arranged by host organization, Misc./Gas/Food: receipts incurred on days travelling to and from the event will be submitted for reimbursement after the event. *PLEASE NOTE: Stephanie requires GF meals with limited dairy.
Suggested Honorarium *
The suggested honorarium for speaking engagements that require travel outside of Calgary is $500 for the first session, and $250 per session for subsequent sessions. *A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking and can be paid by email money transfer to or by a cheque payable to Stephanie Beaulieu and mailed to 2045 Sagewood Pt SW Airdrie, AB T4B 3P1 Please let me know if your budget does not allow for the suggested honorarium amount. I’m happy to prayerfully consider your event as time allows and as the Spirit leads.
Video/Audio Recording *
We agree to get prior permission to record the message and provide Stephanie a free copy or link online.
What DATE do you require message slides to be sent in by (if any)? What are the dimensions for your projection? What email address should they be sent to?
Sound System
Please provide a microphone (head set preferred but not mandatory) and sound system
Resource Table *
Stephanie has information about her ministry, bite-size Bible study books for sale, and an opportunity to sign up for her e-newsletter and a draw.
Cancellation *
If the event is canceled, the deposit plus incurred expenses (air fare, etc.) is non-refundable If Stephanie cancels (family emergency, wedding, funeral, labour, etc.) the deposit will be refunded and no other charges will come to you.