Stephanie MORALES-Beaulieu Speaking Agreement

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Contact Person Name *
Contact Person Name
Phone *
Type: conference, retreat, annual, awards, etc. Purpose Outreach, spiritual growth, refreshing, training, etc.
Travel Expenses *
We agree to cover Stephanie's travel expenses between her home and the event: Air: Stephanie will book the most reasonable airfare (receipt will be submitted for immediate reimbursement) Airport Parking: $15/day Highway: $0.50/km Lodging: arranged by host organization Misc./Food: receipts (if any) incurred on days travelling to and from the event will be submitted for reimbursement after the event.
Suggested Honorarium *
Please prayerfully consider the time spent travelling, time at your event (1-3 days), and time in preparation, (10+ hours usually spent preparing new material for a retreat). For your planning purposes, honorariums from $50 to $500 per session have been given at past events. A suggested honorarium for a single session event would be $250-$300. An event with multiple sessions (2-4) would be $200-$250 per session. *A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking and can be paid by email money transfer to or by a cheque payable to Stephanie Beaulieu and mailed to 2045 Sagewood Pt SW Airdrie, AB T4B 3P1 I trust the Holy Spirit's leading as you plan!
Cancellation *
If the event is canceled, the deposit plus incurred expenses (air fare, etc.) is non-refundable If Stephanie cancels (family emergency, wedding, funeral, labour, etc.) the deposit will be refunded and no other charges will come to you.
Video/Audio Recording *
We agree to get prior permission and provide Stephanie a free copy.
Resource Table *
Stephanie has information about her ministry, bite-size Bible study books for sale, and an opportunity to sign up for her e-newsletter and a draw.
Sound System
Please provide a microphone (head set preferred but not mandatory) and sound system